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Amoy food service products are made from authentic Asian recipes using the freshest ingredients and the highest standards of quality, guaranteeing a genuine eating experience for our food service restaurants, hotels and catering halls

Amoy Food Service Products

Today, the Colavita Foodservice Olive Oil and Colavita Foodservice Pasta companies are still family-owned and operating in the same town of their ancestors. They have since joined with another family-owned company, Colavita USA, and together they have shared the fruits of their respective crafts with American consumers for over twenty years.

Colavita Food Service  Olive Oils

The first maraschino innovation in over 50 Years! Our new Foodservice Pouch contains up to 25 delicious, crunchy maraschino cherries that transform beverages and desserts into something special. Whether for your business or at home, Oregon Cherry Growers offer both natural and traditional maraschinos for all your unique "cherry-on-top" finishes. Key Benefits include: Up to 25 cherries per pouch, Easy to open tear notch,

Rich in history, Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. is recognized as one of the most respected manufacturers in the food and ingredient industry.  Continuing the tradition of legendary proprietary flavors started by our founds at a farmers market in the 1920's, Tulkoff is currently managed by the third generation of Tulkoffs. 

As a pizzeria operator, dough is your currency, in more ways than one: You make the dough to earn the dough. So it’s crucial to purchase the right mixer for handling your most important commodity. But mixers can also be used to churn out other essential ingredients—including sauce, cheese and toppings—at the pizzeria every day

Mixology 101: Choosing the right dough mixer for your pizzeria

The first mention of Truffles in historical writings dates back to the Third Dynasty of Ur. But in today's food service world we find truffle in many forums. Foodfhonebook has made a new friend Siena Tuscany Truffle. Please read more about fresh Truffles, Click here

                       ​Weekly Avg Beef Case Price


  Beef Cuts     

Select High /Low

       Choice High /Low

Beef Ribeye Lip-On


7.59 / 8.13

     8.50 / 8.92

Beef Tender Loin


    10.91 / 11.79

Beef Strip Loin 0x1


7.22 /  7.64

     9.06 / 9.81

Ground Beef 81%        


Blend 2.15 / 2.51

Inside Top Round


2.87 / 3.04

     2.84 / 3.16

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Foodfhonebook mission is to find great local food service distributors and educate restaurant owners and Chefs about the company history and product lines. E.Frank Hopkins Seafood Co.Inc has been servicing the Philadelphia area since 1890. At Hopkins seafood you can find sustainable products like fresh Cobia and much more Product Point of Sale

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Oregon Cherry Growers New Food Service Pouch!

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Sysco Food Service

Catelli Brothers merged in 2010 with Delimax USA, a premier operator of veal farms, and NRV, a leading feed company, to create the Fontelli Food Group, one of the largest food service veal and lamb organizations in North America.

Catelli Meats the leader in food service veal and lamb

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