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In the new Food Show page food service distributors and chefs can find food service manufacturer specific product information.  The first of its kind a mega page of food service manufacturer product point of sale.

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At Fontanini Italian Meats, we strive to make a beautiful difference through the production of the highest quality products our food service customers have come to expect and love matched by customer service exceeding industry standards.

A creative innovator in the food service industry Willie Ingram created a new sauce that is more like a base. Teaspoon Willies can be found in our nations military bases. Whole Foods is using Teaspoon willies in their food production to create new burgers. Food service distributors are selling Teaspoon willies to restaurants in their service area.  Read more...

Just a little lesson on how to filet a whole salmon. Back when I started cooking this was a popular way of buying salmon. We would use the head for seafood stock.

Rich in history, Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. is recognized as one of the most respected manufacturers in the food and ingredient industry.  Continuing the tradition of legendary proprietary flavors started by our founds at a farmers market in the 1920's, Tulkoff is currently managed by the third generation of Tulkoffs. 

Food waste is a fact of the restaurant business, and for something that cannot be completely avoided, the toll it takes is steep. Food waste has a spectrum of consequences that spans the erosion of profits to negatively impacting the ecosystem and harming the sustainability of the planet.

The first mention of Truffles in historical writings dates back to the Third Dynasty of Ur. But in today's food service world we find truffle in many forums. Foodfhonebook has made a new friend Siena Tuscany Truffle. Please read more about fresh Truffles, Click here

                       ​Weekly Avg Beef Case Price


  Beef Cuts     

Select High /Low

       Choice High /Low

Beef Ribeye Lip-On


7.75 / 8.15

     7.21 / 8.39

Beef Tender Loin


10.10 / 11.90

    10.26 / 12.15

Beef Strip Loin 0x1


5.99 /  6.19 

     6.00 / 7.00

Ground Beef 81%        


Blend 2.20 / 2.56

Inside Top Round


2.84 / 2.94

     2.80 / 3.05

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Foodfhonebook mission is to find great local food service distributors and educate restaurant owners and Chefs about the company history and product lines. E.Frank Hopkins Seafood Co.Inc has been servicing the Philadelphia area since 1890. At Hopkins seafood you can find sustainable products like fresh Cobia and much more Product Point of Sale

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