Weekly Seafood Report 1-9-17

The Weekly Seafood Report 1-9-17 is brought to you by Foodfhonebook and Hopkins Seafood in Philadelphia. We encourage all of our restaurant owners and chefs to take advantage of the information in the seafood report to provide your customers with the best seasonal seafood.


1) Boats along the Atlantic are getting back on out on the high seas after the holidays. Currently availability of Bluefish & Wild Striped Bass are very sporadic. Overall availability will hopefully improve as long as Mother Nature cooperates. Fluke prices remain high, due to low quota numbers. We have been bringing in high quality fish from the West Coast. These fillets are running 4/6 oz & offer some price relief compared to their East Coast cousin. Locally harvested Hake & Monkfish remain a nice value. We have been seeing 1-1.5 lb Whole Black Sea Bass from Carolina & Virginia. Shad season is right around the corner.

2) We received another VIP Crabmeat container from Vietnam, call for volume deals. We also have Bay Colony Crabmeat from Indonesia in stock.
3) Supplies of Fresh Mahi Mahi remain strong, Grouper & Red Snapper are more limited.
4) Groundfish (Cod, Hake, Haddock & Pollock) inventories from the New England area are keeping up with light post holiday demand.
5) According to the National Restaurant Association, Hawaiian Poke Style Seafood (Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, etc…) & Sustainable Fish will be among the Hot Trends for 2017.
6) Pricing on Domestically Landed Swordfish has been excellent. The market moved higher for Sushi Grade #1’s & 2+ Yellow Fin Tuna. There is plenty of very aggressively priced #2 loins available.
7) Our Snow Crab Cluster container is due in next week.
8) Chilean Sea Bass market remains the same. All product form, H&G, fillets & portions remain in strong demand & asking prices high. We all have the above in stock & have 4, 6, 8 & 10 oz IQF, Boneless & Skinless portions available.
9) Good news coming out of the Seafood Industry: China & Vietnam announced a crackdown of antibiotics in their farm raised species. Meanwhile, Chile, Ecuador & Peru are joining efforts to prevent Illegal, Unregulated & Unreported (IUU) fishing.
10) Salmon prices are predicted to remain on the higher side due to less fish to harvest because of Chilean algal bloom in 2016. Production of Salmon & Trout in Chile was 21% lower compared to 2015. This is affecting all prices regardless of harvest areas because of strong demand. In a related matter Norway’s seafood exports were up 23% in 2016 despite lower salmon volume because of higher prices. I still think these higher prices won’t hold much longer as global business slows post holidays.
11) Availability of Live Wild, larger sized Clams are limited & will probably remain throughout the winter. The availability of Live Mussels, Oysters & Farmed Clams remains strong.
12) Halibuts have been limited due to poor weather & quota numbers. We are getting high quality whole fish from Norway but we are paying more for them. 

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