Weekly Seafood Report 2-26-17

The weekly seafood report 2-26-17 was created by E.Frank Hopkins seafood company. Foodfhonebook finds chefs and restaurant owners need to know the most current and accurate seafood information weekly. The seafood market changes weekly both seafood products and pricing. Most successful restaurants feature one or two fresh seafood menu items.


1) Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras is this Tuesday February 28th. We have plenty of Whole Cooked, Seasoned U/10 ct CrawfishCrawfish Meat, Alligator Meat, Catfish as well as Cajun Catfish, Shrimp & Oysters for Po-Boy Sandwiches.

Lent starts this Weds March 1st, make sure to increase your offerings of Seafood to maximize your establishments profits now through April 14th. Every fast casual to fine dining chain increases their offerings, shouldn’t you?
2) The unseasonable like weather we have been experiencing has been favorable to locally sourced product. Here are some we have been receiving on a consistent basis: Swordfish, Albacore Tuna, Sea Scallops, Black Bass, Bluefish, Boston & Spanish Mackerel, Hake, Monkfish, Porgies, Skate, Squid, Wild Striped Bass, Fluke/Flounder, Clams & Oysters.
3) We have been bringing in Fresh Sea Scallops from Local Day Boats; Quality has been amazing!!!
4) Should be plenty of high quality Long Line Swordfish & Yellow Fin Tuna as the boats are due in to the docks. Mako Shark offerings have been more limited.
5) Salmon-Sushi grade Norwegian & Scottish Whole Fish are actually cheaper then Canadian fish. We receive & hand cut these Salmon 6 days a week at our HACCP certified facility. Industry experts expect supplies of farmed Salmon to remain tight at least for the 1st 6 months of 2017.
6) Poor weather in Nova Scotia has been preventing the Halibut boats from heading out. We are expecting high quality fish from Norway next week.
7) Shad are being landed in Georgia & South Carolina, they now have enough meat to be filleted. Shad Roe sets are also available. Please be proactive when ordering.
8) Carolina is closed for Fluke fishing. Massachusetts & Rhode Island are providing us with Sushi Grade fish. Virginia opens March 1st with a 7,500 lb per trip quota.
9) Regular or smaller sizes or Squid are being landed in the Mid & North Atlantic, larger Squid probably won’t be available until spring.
10) The popularity & sales of Barramundi in the US are increasing especially with global supplies of Mahi Mahi tightening. We have fresh & frozen Barramundi available.
11) Live Local Shellfish availability has been very good; meats are sweet & plump.
12) The strike in Iceland has been settled. Boats hit the open water late Sunday; this should increase the availability of Cod from this region.
13) Alaska seafood is growing globally despite increasing value of the US dollar. Typically when the dollar increases, demand from importing nations decreases because they have to pay higher prices.
14) We have Snow Crab Clusters in stock (N, P, 3/5, 5/8, 10/12 oz), packed 26.45 lb cases, call for volume pricing. Dungeness Crab season is off to a strong start, crabbers & processors have been working around the clock.
15) Indonesian (Bay Colony) & Vietnamese (VIP) pasteurized Crabmeat are in stock at Hopkins.
16) Quality has been very good but availability of Fresh Grouper & Mahi Mahi have been limited. Availability of all sizes of Red Snapper is very good, pricing is fair.
17) Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws are available, prices are reasonable.
Tim Sloan
V.P. Sales & Marketing
E.Frank Hopkins Co.,Inc.

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