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Foodfhonebook Post Page is the place to share your food service ideas, products and services with the Foodfhonebook restaurant community. Foodfhonebook goal is to create a website for all foodservice professionals to share their knowledge. As a ex-chef myself I was always looking for new ideas, products or services. Foodfhonebook has grown to become a valuable resource for restaurant owners and chefs. Now we have opened up Foodfhonebook for everyone to share their ideas, products and service for all food service professionals to know about and enjoy.

So please we welcome you to start posting now.

Restaurant owners can tell the world about your restaurant. Please feel free to add exciting photos of your restaurant. Please include photos of your most popular dishes.

Chefs can share exciting photos of their latest creation and don’t forget to include the recipe for all to enjoy.

Food service distributors we encourage you to educate our restaurant owners and chefs about what makes you different. Please visit frequently to post your special sheet and monthly promotions.

Food service manufacturers we love to learn about your products. Post and tell all our chefs about your products. Please include your point of sales so we can have all the specification.

The Foodfhonebook Post Page is an unlimited resource for everyone in Food service. We will review all post before going live. Foodfhonebook will only allow post that directly benefit our restaurant owners and chefs. We will not allow any post that have nothing to do with food or food service. If you have any questions on whether your product or service fits our criteria. Please email me at


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