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Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. In the food service industry we like to use the term ” You eat with your eyes”.

The food service industry in America has grown to a multi billion dollar industry. Their are hundreds of food manufacturers, distributors and foodservice marketing companies. These companies all have great products and services that the public will benefit by using. Each one of these companies use photos to tell their products story.

Prepared food photos has created one of the largest food photo databases with over 25,000 photos. Preparedfoodphotos.com photo database is broken down into categories. Each category has thousands of seafood, meats,appetizers photos that can be downloaded with out any concern of copyright laws with their monthly subscription.

When creating your weekly product advertisement or flyer we know using the right photo will grab our customers attention. But what we don’t know is if that photo we are using is protected under copyright laws. Unless you are the photographer and taken that photo being used their is a strong probability it is copyrighted by the original photographer. The last thing you would want to get in the mail is a cease and desist letter.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act “( DMCA) laws on fair use and copyright have grown and created a very convoluted law. We want to stress we are not attorneys and this is not legal advise. But their is one very popular rule. If you don’t know if it is copyrighted don’t use it.

Preparedfoodphotos.com owns the copyright to all of their photos. Simply visit www.preparedfoodphotos.com website sign up for the monthly subscription for 999.00 a month and start downloading.


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